Using a mix of my water life & silt strider mod tech, I'm happy to introduce to you real time travel Vivec gondoliers.

To enjoy the scenic trips use the gondolier "- scenic travel" dialog topic.
To dismount from the gondola or reach destination immediately activate the gondolier while sailing.
From the same menu you can also configure the mod.

To fully enjoy the mod as intended, you should have last MGE/MGE XE distant land, some MGE macro keys set to move the 3rd person view camera, and last MCP (Morrowind Code Patch) Vanity camera lock option checked.
This will allow you to pan the camera and enjoy a much more scenic experience during the trips.

As usual, I tried to be as compatible as possible, so routes are not so straight but it is fully compatible with Vivec Expansion (which is a great addition for this mod if your computer is powerful enough).



download from Nexus

If your Morrowind setup can handle their FPS draining, some mods redesigning the Vivec and the surrounding area are really great for a scenic gondola experience:
1. Vivec Expansion by Hoghead the Horrible (download from Nexus, MMH)
2. Redesigned Vivec by Piratelord (*) (download from here, MMH)
3. or get the Pseron Wyrd unofficial combined version of them (*)  (download from MMH, or here)
4. HG Vivec Cantons by Holy_Handgrenade (download from MMH)
5. MNC: Ebonheart by Mercarryn (download from MMH)
6. Tamriel Rebuilt (download from Nexus, GHF)

(*) Note: 2. and 3. move physical cantons so load abotGondolierRV.esp instead of abotGondolier.esp when using them.