You can find ashlander guar tamers in Ald-ruhn, Gnisis, Khuul, Ahemmusa Camp, Zainab Camp;
talk with/bribe the ashlander guar tamers about smart mountable guars...
This mod does not require, but is fully compatible with CDCooley's Companion Teleportation/Improved Teleportation.

If you have CDC teleportation loaded, this mod will use CDC's teleportation system, otherwise it will use a limited to 5 guars teleportation.

Only pack guars with enhanced intelligence are allowed to teleport, you should try and find how to make your guar companion more intelligent...
As possible combinations are too many, you can/should adjust your mounting position and companion mounting position accordingly to character race/clothing/mounted fighting style.

If you think you have the right coordinates for a player/npc companion race and want them to be incorporated in a possible next version of the mod, feel free to mail or PM me at Bethesda Game Studios Forums.



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forum topic at Bethesda Game Studios Forums.