Boats update to v1.03



- fixed a conflict with one rock near Sadrith Mora
- fixed a wrong version fisherman bb texture
- better compatibility with Redesigned Vivec

- fixed some missing textures

- added Arcimaestro Antares' new ship sails and shipmaster animations!
- fixed a dialog error with Rindral Dralor, Vevrana Aryon, Blatta Hateria
- fixed a bug with Blatta Hateria end trip
- route change to avoid colliding with a vanilla rock near Khuul
- route change for better compatibility with Mournhold Clockmaker 1.0.esp
- flipped reading passenger skirt UV, seems to look better
- added vanilla/colored version of sails textures so you can keep your preferred version

- added Arcimaestro Antares' new boat sails and shipmaster animations, yay!
- reworked shipmaster heads and clothes
- tweaked routes speed
- fixed a conflict with one of Vurt's Ashlands Overhaul2.esp trees near Molag Mar
- reworked some shipmaster's comments
- set boats a little higher for better compatibility with MGE dynamic waves

1.00 - first release