tes3cmd getitemcount strip tool
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Modified on: Wednesday, 25 October 2017
Added on: Tuesday, 03 January 2017
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Description: a script originally by Greatness7 to strip unneeded entries from the dead creatures/NPCs list in a saved game.

I revised it to work more consistently (unsorted hashes previously could give different results each run) and in the _all.bat version automatically making new _ prefixed versions of all your saves (keeping the same loading/timestamp order of original saves).

Note: if your Morrowind saves path is not the standard Morrowind\Saves folder you will have to edit the saves path in the fix_dead_count_all.pl script though.

If you have a big save game (e.g. long mod list/high level character) this should give you a noticeable FPS boost (I got about 2 FPS increase outside and 12 FPS inside), especially when opening dialogue
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