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Modified on: Friday, 30 November 2018
Added on: Friday, 17 August 2018
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An updated version of previous Value/Weight Ratio mod, now displaying also skill you can learn from skillbook and marking read skillbook with prefix/suffix
  • now Value/Weight Ratio should be displayed right after Weight
    also when using most of other tooltip mods
  • more configurable parameters in main.lua:
-- BEGIN configurable parameters,  -- set to false to disable
local showValueWeightRatio = true
local showSkillBook = true

-- prefix/suffix enabling, one should be true, one should be false
local prefixReadSkillBook = true -- e.g. *Sithis (nice to have read skillbook displayed at the inventory start)
local suffixReadSkillBook = false -- e.g. Sithis* (if you don't want to have read skillbooks displayed at inventory start)

local readSkillBookMarker = '*' -- set to desired read skillbook marker
-- END configurable parameters
You need latest MWSE dev!

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