Boats update to v1.06

Silt striders update to v1.7

Silt striders mod updated to version 1.7

Boats update to v1.05

Boats mod updated to version 1.05

Windows glow expansion update

A small update to my Windows glow expansion mod, transparency problem with ex_nord_win_02 replacement meshes should be fixed, window glass should disappear no more when player is very near. Also, a window being replaced by a different version should be now fixed.

Boats update to v1.04

Boats mod updated to version 1.04

Boats update to v1.03

Boats mod updated to version 1.03

Gondoliers update to v1.5

Gondoliers mod updated to version 1.5

Silt striders update to v1.6

Silt striders mod updated to version 1.6

Some videos about upcoming Boats mod

I am working on the missing real time travelling mod, by boat. Enjoy the videos!

Morrowind modding for smarties, part 6: mod testing/packaging

When resources used by your mod start increasing, it is often difficult, time consuming and prone to errors to track and package everything needed by hand.
Luckily, TESFiles can really help with the task.

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