Morrowind scripting: on timers and global variables

Some posts about suggested way to write timers and persistence of global variables

Morrowind scripting: on detecting player swimming

Detecting player swimming in Morrowind can be difficult, expecially in interiors.
Here is an example on using sound detection and enhanced GetWaterLevel thanks to MCP.

On original Morrowind scripts revision

Some posts on scripting stile original Morrowind scripts rewriting.

Silt striders update

Silt striders mod updated to version 1.4

Mod cleaning using TESTool and TESFaith#

 Some posts salvaged from the official forums about using TESTool and TESFaith# to help cleaning Morrowind mods.

TESCK Script Bugs/Notes

Possible TESCK Script bugs/notes described in MWEdit Bugs.txx documentation

On script variables persistence

For anybody interested, I've found in my archives an interesting post by CDCooley explaining variables persistence much better than myself :)

Sextants update

Just a small update to the Sextants mod...

Guars mod updated to version 1.17
Friday, 12 November 2010

Morrowind Guars mod icon image Guars mod updated to version 1.17!
Featuring better compatibility with Morrowind Code patch 1.8 toggle sneak option, and various other improvements...

Water life update to v. 1.18

Morrowind Water Life shark eating fish imageUpdates/changes in Water life version 1.18
- added menu option to configure spawning of gondoliers (yes/No/not in Wilderness)
- updated NOM ingredient for ducks & geese
- fixed autoloot missing some sand coin
- fixed gondolier trips disabling previous player waterwalking
- recompressed some textures

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