The Elder Scrolls III MORROWIND: Gondoliers


- added to the archive missing abotGondoliersRV.esp

- fixed a missing scenic route dialog option to Telvanni Compound for Talsi Uvayn (thanks TaxAkla!)

- fixed unintended changed position of an 'ex_imp_towerb_light_01' in 'Ebonheart 2,-13'
- updated some dead links in readme

- removed fading in/out from black, was still causing problems with "Skip rest of scenic trip" option

- fixed a fading from black command with "Skip rest of scenic trip" option

- added ab01goAngle global float variable containing gondola angle
for possible interaction with other mods (e.g. following companions)

- improved code robustness
- added (configurable) topic to access configuration menu also from dialog
- improved route from Ebonheart to Vivec Temple

- added more safety code to auto reset speed to standard if needed
- removed unnecessary TCL on start

- fixed night lantern flickering during player trip
- added a ladder from water to gondolier place at Ebonheart
- changed configuration menu sound
- removed changes to fMaxHeadTrackDistance GMST setting

- added (configurable) extra gondolier going from Ebonheart docks to
Vivec Temple and Hlaalu cantons.
- added (configurable) extra gondolier going from Tel Mora to Firewatch
docks if Tamriel Rebuilt is detected/Blight is gone.
- changed a caravaner reference to gondolier in comments
- added safety code to auto reset speed to standard if needed
- added trip fee display
- added disposition check to offer scenic trips similar to normal
gondola trips

- added in the extras folders a version that does not set
fMaxHeadTrackDistance GMST
pros: NPCS will turn and look at you as usual
cons: player will look at his feet in 3rd person view when travelling by

- random trip skipping bug should be gone
- added specific .esp version for Redesigned Vivec.esp or
PW_Redesigned Vivec-Vivec_Expansion.esp, including the Docks gondolier
- added compatibility with HG Vivec Cantons.esp
- fixed player moving lips instead of gondolier at trip end goodbye
- increased max configurable speed
- added some scenic passengers
- now also scenic gondoliers go back!
- improved scripts and routes
- added some new gondolier comments (thanks Athirena!)
- stripped waypoint placeholders to separated .esp for modders

- invisibility effect removing fixed
- moved dark elf BB texture reference to a subfolder to avoid replacing BB dark
elf texture in use

1.0/beta - first release

Tribunal or Bloodmoon scripting engine required
Tribunal and/or Bloodmoon.esm loading not required

If you are using Redesigned Vivec.esp or
PW_Redesigned Vivec-Vivec_Expansion.esp load abotGondoliersRV.esp,
else load abotGondoliers.esp.

Using a mix of my water life & silt strider mod tech, I'm happy to
introduce to you real time travel Vivec gondoliers.

To enjoy the scenic trips use the gondolier "- scenic travel" dialog

To dismount from the gondola or reach destination immediately activate
the gondolier while sailing. From the same menu you can also configure
the mod.

To fully enjoy the mod as intended, you should have last MGE/MGE XE
distant land, some MGE macro keys set to move the 3rd person view
camera, and last MCP (Morrowind Code Patch) Vanity camera lock option
checked. This will allow you to pan the camera and enjoy a much more scenic
experience during the trips.

As usual, I tried to be as compatible as possible, so routes are not so
straight but it is fully compatible with Vivec Expansion
(which is a great addition for this mod if your computer is powerful enough).

Light lantern on nocturnal gondoliers can flicker during cell changes.
If you can't bear it, just disable it from the configuration menu.

To avoid most hostile attacks/Vivec Expansion pickpockets following you
when sailing, player by default is set invisible by script (a
...invisible invisibility effect).
Be warned though, some pickpockets from Vivec Expanded seem to be able
to catch a glimpse of you when illuminated by gondolier night lantern,
so in that case you may want to disable "light lantern light" option
using the configuration menu.

Don't use a constant invisibility item while travelling, you don't need
it and probably you will have to wait the end of the trip before the
invisibility transparency of your spell is reset unequipping the
enchanted item.

If you are using latest MGE-XE with dynamic ripples, better set
height of waves to about 40%

set ab01debug to 25 will enable some debugging messages.

Speed change selected using the configuration menu is effective when
next waypoint with different scheduled speed is reached.

If your Morrowind setup can handle their FPS draining, some mods
redesigning Vivec are really great for a scenic gondola experience:

1. Vivec Expansion by Hoghead the Horrible

2. Redesigned Vivec by Piratelord (*)

3. or get the Pseron Wyrd unofficial combined version of them (*)

4. HG Vivec Cantons by Holy_Handgrenade

5. MNC: Ebonheart by Mercarryn

6. Tamriel Rebuilt

(*) Note: 2. and 3. move physical cantons so load abotGondolierRV.esp instead of
abotGondolier.esp when using them.

For best effect, I like PW_Redesigned Vivec-Vivec_Expansion.esp + abotGondolierRV.esp
or Vivec Expansion + HG Vivec Cantons + abotGondoliers.esp.
I experienced only a noticeable conflict between 1. and 4., easily fixable deleting
a duplicated Foreign Quarters docks gondola.

If you are a modder willing to create your waypoints, the relevant code
section in the ab01goGondXXScript(s) is after the set y3 to ab01goSpeed line.
Anti-headache hint: you may need to split nested ifs if things do not seem
to work (e. g. x_dext and y_dest remain 0).
I really suggest you place waypoint markers in TESCS and copy/paste
coordinates to the script, much better than handwrite them.
Please don't use identifiers in the range 00..99 (e.g. ab01goGond99Script),
I'd like to be able to use them in future expansions.
I have put in the extras folder a couple of example mods with some
waypoints placed as reference for copy/paste coordinates.

Kudos to Arcimaestro Antares for the original gondolier animation and mod,
I think I found the right code tools to use for the job instead of the limited
Morrowind AI.
The passenger lady is from Lidicus'URM creatures (seducer)
dressed with Korana's flemish dress from Clothiers of VVardenfell

The sitting passenger is a reworked drummer resource by Lady Eternity.

As usual, feel free to use anything done by me, just give credit when
credit is due and be sure to be compatible with this mod (that usually
means: always use different ids, not super-easy but if you are a modder
capable to tackle with the code you should know how to do it).