The Elder Scrolls III MORROWIND:

Thunders & Lightnings

by abot

Tribunal or Bloodmoon engine required
This is my "atmospheric" version of thunders & lightnings, inspired by
Jac's Lightning Strike mod. I think the result is worth sharing, anyway
if you want more/easier configuration options I suggest you use the
excellent Lightning Strike mod by Jac instead of this mod.

Installation note: files in the Extras folder are meant to replace standard
thunder sounds with the slighty reworked sounds from Duncan's Atmospheric
Sound Effects used by this mod. If you want them (suggested), copy the content
of Extras folder into your Morrowind folder.

Version history:

v 1.3
- only lightnings hitting something cast a damage spell

v 1.2
- added new great sounds by The Recordist
- updated scripts

v 1.1
- updated scripts

Tech info / tweaks:
some global short variables you can set from the game console:

ab01tlDelayMin, ab01tlDelayMax control min and max seconds delay
between lightnings, by default are set to 5 and 25

you can use for instance something like:
set ab01tlDelayMin to 10
set ab01tlDelayMax to 35

Valid values are
ab01tlDelayMin >= 3
ab01tlDelayMax >= 10
else they are reset to standard values.

The lightning shock damage should be low enough to avoid killing NPCs,
anyway you can disable it typing
set ab01tlShockMode to 1
setting value back to 0 will reset the default behavior.

to temporarily see thunders & lightnings also in weather different from
"Weather Thunder", open the game console and enter:
set ab01debug to 27
setting value back to 0 will reset the default behavior.

lightning mesh and original texture: Mireneye
original sounds: Duncan
original sounds (name starting with fb_ prefix): Frank Bry, The Recordist
inspiration: Jac

Feel free to use my scripts in another mod, credit is not necessary but would
be nice.
C_Mireneye has given his permission to use the mesh and texture, no
credit or contact is needed.
According to the author, Duncan's sounds are also free to use for mods;
sources are not so clear but oh well they are used already by many established
mods so I consider them ok to use.

A particular thanks to Frank Bry (www.therecordist.com) for allowing me to
use some new great thunder sounds.

You can usually find me at The Elder Scrolls Forums