Among the items brought to Morrowind by the empire, sextants are perhaps the most valued... especially by pawnbrokers who eagerly try to buy them from any drunken imperial sailor they meet.

This plugin adds to Morrowind several sextants, allowing you to calculate, in the right weather condition, your geographical coordinates, your elapsed trip times and, with some difficult, but well known by sailors, calculations, your medium speed.

Medium speed is calculated including the Morrowind time factor ( 30 x default), and should go fine with other mods altering time factor (like my "Tempus Fugit Ring" mod).

Version 1.4: sextant does not try to cheat distance on fast travel any more, and speed is calculated on game time

Version 1.3: aligned to Water Life included version.
- sextant can now be used while swimming (not when diving) to allow for easier treasure searching, and does not repeat warning messages
- added display of last noted coordinates to the sextant, this should be useful to track back a previously visited place. You can buy the sextant at the Balmora pawnbroker, or find it somewhere else (levelled lists).