TESCK Script Bugs/Notes

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A premise. I am a MWEdit fan, I don't release a mod if it does not pass MWEdit strict syntax check, and often I try to fix syntax of mods I play.

MWEdit is not perfect though (still beta). It does not understand object local variables references (they work).


if ( myObj.localvar != 1 )
	set myObj.localvar to 1

and is nitpicking (when in strict syntax mode) with some things that TESCS compiles and runs anyway, I.E.

if ( var = 1 )
; this is a basic like syntax that works exactly 
; as commonly used C like syntax if ( var == 1 )
; remember, the assignment operator is set so no 
; possible confusion!
Knowing what legit things are, most MWEdit advices about spaces, brackets, wrong endif and so on are precious and writing your scripts in a way they can pass MWEdit strict syntax check is surely a good habit guarantee to avoid most syntax errors/typos and help with random crashes.
Having said that, if something like GCD works for hundreds of people, usually it means it works even if MWEdit does not like it.

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For anybody interested, an extract from MWEdit Bugs.txt which shows the reason of some nitpicking

Quoted from MWEdit Bugs.txt documentation:

Possible TESCK Script Bugs/Notes


- AiActivate, "player", reset ??? ("reset\0" is used in place of "player")

- AiWander: Idle2 value is completely ignored, Reset maybe incorrectly output as compared
to the other AI functions. Does not limit the number of arguments?

- Functions accepting IDs output the ',' where it exists (in set statements?). Unneeded?

- Random: Outputs all but the first ASCII digit to the binary stream (strange?)

Regular Function: < X>
Random: < X>
Outputting the Random function the 'correct' way appears to work fine.

- Show: Prevents compiled script SCDT data from being saved (no compile time errors?)

- SetJournalIndex/Journal: Has an extra short parameter after the index (always -1)?

- GetTarget: Does not require the ID to be a creature or NPC? (outputs a ' r' reference instead of an ' o').

- GetDetected: Uses a ' r' type reference instead of a ' o' reference (npc/creature). This may be a bug or on purpose.

- Only MessageBox/GetSquareRoot accept globals?

- ModRegion: Has two extra unknown arguments?

- RemoveSoulgem: Does not accept the count variable as mentioned and used in some places.

- MessageBox: The TESCS actually parses the message string and looks for any % variables.
It then takes the next X arguments and considers them as the variables to output.
This means that if the '%' codes and output variables do not match, you'll lose or add some buttons. Does not accept numbers.

- Set: A "set X to -10" will result in the compiled output "set X to 10 * -1". This only happens
for a single negative, numeric value. There are similar problems with outputting "set X to +10"
which has a compiled output like "set X to 10 +".

- A script in Tribunal has a name what includes the '-' character which should not be allowed.

CS Script Notes (v0.5.6)
Some script notes for getting consistent results with the CS.

- Commas in function calls mess up the CS in several situations. It is recommended to never use commas (there should be no situation where they are needed).

- Using reset with AiWander results in inconsistent output in the CS and is not recommended until the behavior of reset is verified.

- Spaces are important in the CS. Missing or extra spaces can result in the script not working as intended or outright crashing. A single space is needed on each side of the comparison operator in if and while statements as well as around any brackets and operators in expressions.

GOOD: if ( SomeVar >= 10 )
BAD: if (SomeVar >=10)

GOOD: set SomeVar to 10 * ( TestVar - SomeGlobal01 / 3 )
BAD: set SomeVar to 10*(TestVar-SomeGlobal01/3)

- Many of the animation codes used in LoopGroup and PlayGroup have changed at some point (expansion or patch).
This will result in the incorrect animation being played unless the version the script is run on matches the version it was compiled with (unless there is a hidden mechanism to correct them).

This should be verified. Some example changes that could be checked:
BowAndArrow can be confused with Attack1 and InventoryWeaponOneHand
Hit1 is not changed
HandToHand can be confused with PickProbe and SpellTurnLeft

- MWEdit does not let script IDs start with a number. This is just a convienence to make parsing much simpler and is not likely to change. The CS may also experience difficulties with scripts starting with a number or underscore.

- Ensure all function calls are enclosed in brackets with spaces on either side.

Omitting the brackets or the spaces can result in incorrect compiled output in the CS in some
GOOD: if ( ( player->GetStrength ) < 90 )
GOOD: set SomeVar to ( player->GetStrength ) * LocalVar
BAD: set SomeVar to player->GetStrength * LocalVar
this outputs missing the call to GetStrength

- IDs starting with numbers (and possibly underscores) need to be surrounded in quotes in order for the CS and MWEdit to properly handle them.
If you omit the quotes when compiling in the CS the scripts may not work correctly or crash. In MWEdit you will receive a compile time error.

- Unary add/minus operations may cause problems. Even simple expressions are output
in a strange manner, for example:

set local to -1 => set local to -1 * 1
set local to +15 => set local to 15 +
set local to -global => set local to -1 * global
if local == -1 => if local == -1 ; Not changed in if statements

More complex expressions may actually be output incorrectly, for example:

set local1 to -(-1 -9) * -local2 / -local3
Outputs As: set local1 to 9 * -local2 / -local3

if ( -testmisc2.local1 == 10 )
Outputs As: if -1 *( testmisc2.local1 == 10 )

Such expressions will compile fine in the CS.