Morrowind modding for smarties, part 7: creatures & sound bugs

It may be a CS (Construction Set) glitch, it may be some quirk happening during importing/exporting things with our beloved external tools (Note: I've recently found ESParser to often be the culprit of this problem, it seems to screw soundgen info when saving), or it may be simply a modder mistake (deleting a creature forgetting to delete also related sound gen entries), but I have seen this very annoying sound error happen too often recently. Here is a summary about it.

Causes: you have one or more sound gen entries not related to any creature/NPC

Symptoms: some other creatures/NPCs (may seem semi-random, depending on loaded mods) start playing crazy sounds in game. This is often tricky to detect while testing in game because you can easily miss the bad sounding critter, so it is safer/faster to check in CS.

Cure: ensure than sound gen entries (Bethesda's standard entries excluded) are related to a creature/NPC

Open the CS, load Morrowind.esm, Tribunal.esm and Bloodmoon.esm and look at Gameplay\Sound Gen... dialog.
Click 2 times on the Creature header to sort sound gen entries and have the 8 standard empty creature entries on top.

Morrowind Construction Set Sound Gen standard empty entries

Now let's see an example of bad entries loading a bugged mod in the CS. When we open Gameplay\Sound Gen... dialog, bad entries are easy to spot because they are marked by a asterisk (*) in the Creature column and have no Creature assigned in the top right listbox when selected.

Morrowind Construction Set Sound Gen bugged empty entries

So, before publishing our mod, we need to remove these bad soundgen entries.
We can usually do this from the CS details dialog.

File\Data Files..., select our mod with all its masters and ensure our mod is set as Active file, click Details... button...

Morrowind Construction Set Sound Gen bad details

Now let's look for entries having empty or Default something Description.

Morrowind Construction Set Sound Gen bad details

Select them by Ctrl + Click and press Delete key to mark them as Ignored, confirm when asked, close, OK.
Wait until the CS is done reloading your mod, and verify bad entries in sound gen are really gone from Gameplay\Sound Gen... dialog.

Now you can save your cleaned mod, hopefully it will not cause your scribs to moan like Golden Saints.