Tempus Fugit

Adds a magic item, allowing the player to change the game time/real time factor at will.

It is not intended, (nor has a lot of use) for cheating, as real timecombats/operations are not time scaled.

Its purpose is to allow a more realistic and immersive experience for the role-player (especially if you use it with "reality-enhancer" mods), or to explore the beauty of the game engine accelerating the speed of dawn/sunset cycle, or to admire the passing of the seasons...

Technically speaking, it is just an in-game interface (admittedly simpler than "set timescale to xx" console command for the common user) to modify global float TimeScale.

Known Glitches
Timescale factor counts with the Oblivion flora animation. Also, due to some not-so-good programmed events in Oblivion, sometimes lowering the timescale under a 8/10 value can lead to problems (I.E. doors not opening...).

If you experience such problems, first thing you should try is simply increase the timescale to be at least 10.

- Please, do not add it to a mod compilation or upload it, I'd like to have control on what version is out. Inclusion in link lists is always welcome though

- If you want to use part of it in a public mod, please change the item names so to minimize incompatibility risk and, as always, give credits when credit is due.

Bethesda for another great game, and the author of the first original Morrowind TimeMod (Sid?)