You can now also travel by boat, ship and river strider in real time

Fox Companion Rey

Fox Companion Rey a old reworked version of Grumpy's and Emma's Wolf Companion 3.1, using Kartikeya's Red Fox, done on request.

Free fellow slaves

Going on with useful little things...

 First freed slave will use your key to free fellow slaves when they greet you.




Using a mix of my water life & silt striders mod tech, I'm happy to introduce to you real time travel Vivec gondoliers.


- tweaks many guards to defend you from NPCs also if you are not a criminal.
- increases NPCs alarm so they are more likely to call the guards.


guars iconYou can find ashlander guar tamers in Ald-ruhn, Gnisis, Khuul, Ahemmusa Camp, Zainab Camp; talk with/bribe the ashlander guar tamers about smart mountable guars...


Lava & steam

Makes lava and steam do fire damage.


Loot control
A tiny thing I'm actually quite proud of...
Sneaking while activating a killed NPC will auto dispose of the corpse after looting, useful to get rid of the corpse without cluttering your inventory.

Note: this mod is probably made obsolete by the excellent "Don't loot on dispose" option provided in last Morrowind Code Patch
Menu Time

Mainly for roleplayers.

Normally game time is freezed when a menu is open.

This mod takes into account real time passed with menu open and advances in game time by the same amount after closing menu.

Scroll Daedric Alphabet

After many years playing Morrowind, I still can't read daedric on the fly.

This mod replaces the standard scroll mesh with one adding a daedric alphabet note, useful to role play deciphering the scroll in game.
It should be compatible with most scroll texture replacers.


Among the items brought to Morrowind by the empire, sextants are perhaps the most valued... especially by pawnbrokers who eagerly try to buy them from any drunken imperial sailor they meet.

This plugin adds to Morrowind several sextants, allowing you to calculate, in the right weather condition, your geographical coordinates, your elapsed trip times and, with some difficult, but well known by sailors, calculations, your medium speed.

Shrines 0 Gold Fix

 Normally shrines ask for 0 gold for blessings when your guild rank is 2 or better, this mod simply makes shrines give you blessing without asking for 0 gold.


download from Nexus

Silt Striders

I wanted to travel Morrowind on top of a real Silt strider so strongly, and after years waiting for some similar mod to be completed, I decided to try myself. 

Skar Platforms

I was just tired of bumping on Redoran Guards while running back and forth the various manors under Ald'ruhn Skar, so... this just makes the first floor platforms under Skar a circuit

TR Water Sound

Replaces most TR static water meshes with activators emulating water splashing sounds.
Requires latest Tamriel Rebuilt

Take my place

The problem of people blocking your way in narrow passages is a little annoying in Morrowind.
NPC will have the "- Take my place" dialog topic, and friendly NPCs should take your place when asked.

Tempus fugit ring

This plugin adds to the player menu a ring called "Tempus Fugit", allowing to trim the game time/real time factor from a fast and simple interface.

Technically speaking, it is just an in-game interface (admittedly simpler than "set Timescale to xx" console command for the common user) to modify global float TimeScale.

Thunders & Lightnings

This is my "atmospheric" version of thunders & lightnings, inspired by Jac's Lightning Strike mod.

Water Life

morrowind water life iconWater Life is an attempt to mix the scripting techniques developed in the "Where are all bird going?" plugin with the best aquatic creature modding resources to bring more life into Morrowind waters.

This plugin mainly adds to Morrowind (most) peaceful aquatic creatures based on the wonderful models & textures by Cait Sith, Lady Eternity & Proudfoot, Brash.

Where are all birds going?

photo006Where are all birds going? An attempt to bind flawed Morrowind AI to bring life to most beautiful birds.

This plugin adds to Morrowind peaceful flying creatures based on the wonderful models & textures by Lady Eternity & Proudfoot (Dragon's Breech mod), Cait Sith, Thaedyn Vyr, Kacper Kuryllo & Kagz.

Windows Glow

Tower glowing window Replaces some static windows with scripted dynamic glowing windows & lights. Now compatible with Tamriel rebuilt 14.08