Morrowind modding for smarties, part 14, Horror Show: When Masters and Identifiers change
1. you know/care about what problems may happen trying to update mods having TR_Mainland.esm as master to the new version, with TR changing identifiers, and you are looking for a way to fix problems without redoing a big part of the dependant mod(s) changes to references (e.g. moved/added/deleted windows, rocks, plants...) in Construction Set
2. you know how to use Mash updaters (see also here) from a Mash 84 source version/with installed Python 2.7x setup.
In this case, you may be interested on how to make mash updaters compatible with TR changed identifiers, as changed identifiers are something standard Mash updaters code can't handle.

Also, I think having syncronized Tamriel_Data updates so released new Tamriel_Data version is compatible with all currently released Project Tamriel mods (AFAIK so far Tamriel Rebuilt, Skyrim: Home Of The Nords and Province: Cyrodiil) will probably remain a dream so if you want to keep playing all the projects and still use the updates you must find a way to fix things yourself.
It is a complex procedure, but if you are going to have a lot of mods with a lot of references broken, IMO still better try this than fixing things in Construction Set.
Morrowind modding for smarties, part 13: OpenMW-cs Editor

 A premise: I am  definitely NOT generally a fan of OpenMW-cs interface/filtering concepts, I find it awkward and clunky compared to MWEdit and even Bethesda CS way to one-right-click navigate records and where they are referenced. BUT, and it is a big but, OpenMW scripting compiler/warning messages is already terribly helpful, I'd say nearly as helpful as checking your scripts using MWEdit can be.

Morrowind Code Patch options to disable

 Morrowind Code Patch is a must-have for obvious reasons, and greatly configurable as each option can be toggled on/off.

Here are IMO the few patch options that are better disabled IF you have related conflicting options/mods.
Morrowind modding for smarties, part 9: tes3cmd to the people...

I want to share some useful code showing tes3cmd power as modding tool to automatically randomize trees positioning...

Morrowind modding for smarties, part 8: when masters change...

Something I realized recently working with mods depending on TR_Mainland.esm, but that should be valid as example for any updated .esm dependency...

Morrowind modding for smarties, part 7: creatures & sound bugs

I've seen this very annoying bug with creature sounds happening recently not only to me, bu also to great mod releases. So here are my two septims about how to test and avoid it...

Morrowind modding for smarties, part 6: mod testing/packaging

When resources used by your mod start increasing, it is often difficult, time consuming and prone to errors to track and package everything needed by hand.
Luckily, TESFiles can really help with the task.

Morrowind modding for smarties, part 5: dialog editing/fixing

Despite the fact that there are probably more dialogue-savvy modders than script-savvy modders around, not everybody seems to be aware of potential issues/existing tools to ease dialog development/fixing.

Morrowind modding for smarties, part 4: MWEdit, MWSE, MSC, Mash, Notepad++

A Morrowind scripting tools guide talking about MWEdit and MWSE/MSC usage, coupled with Mash and Notepad++...

Morrowind modding for smarties, part 3: tes3lint, tes3cmd and TESTool

Time to start using our Morrowind tools. We will talk about tes3lint, tes3cmd and TESTool.

Morrowind modding for smarties, part 2: Morrowind specific tools

Continuing on the description of my current favourite modding tools, let's talk about more Morrowind specific programs.
There is not a all-purpose tool, but using "a little of this and a little of that" we can make our modder life simpler.

Morrowind modding for smarties, part 1: the tools of the trade

Seeing how incredibly new Morrowind modders generations keep coming despite the game being pretty old, I often thought about sharing what is my current state-of-the-art modding workflow. As a old-time modder, I think I have a quite good one so hopefully it will be of use to newcomers and experts too.

Morrowind scripting: on simple statements and setdelete delay

Some posts about suggested general script structure (using statements as simple as possible) and setdelete delay...

Morrowind scripting: on timers and global variables

Some posts about suggested way to write timers and persistence of global variables

Morrowind scripting: on detecting player swimming

Detecting player swimming in Morrowind can be difficult, expecially in interiors.
Here is an example on using sound detection and enhanced GetWaterLevel thanks to MCP.

On original Morrowind scripts revision

Some posts on scripting stile original Morrowind scripts rewriting.

TESCK Script Bugs/Notes

Possible TESCK Script bugs/notes described in MWEdit Bugs.txx documentation

On script variables persistence

For anybody interested, I've found in my archives an interesting post by CDCooley explaining variables persistence much better than myself :)