Morrowind modding for smarties, part 13: OpenMW-cs Editor
A premise: I am  definitely NOT generally a fan of OpenMW-cs interface/filtering concepts, I find it awkward and clunky compared to MWEdit and even Bethesda CS way to one-right-click navigate records and where they are referenced. BUT, and it is a big but, OpenMW scripting compiler/warning messages are already terribly helpful, I'd say nearly as helpful as checking your scripts using MWEdit can be.
Not only warnings will point a lot of scripting errors similar to MWEdit (and even more), but especially some kind of possible logical error that no other tool can currently catch, for instance:
info Condition: Item key_shashev < 0 is never true
As the item count can never be < 0; smart, isn't it?
It must be said that in current OpenMW 0.40 some of these messages are false warnings based on wrong assumptions IMO, but I am confident that in time these will be fixed as as far as i can tell OpenMW perople are very responsive to bug reports
Faction: ID or name "FFFF" could not be found
(IMO FFFF is valid value for _NO_FACTION_ in CS dialog combo box filter),
Info Condition: Not Local nolore = 50 is never true
(speaking with OpenMW dev, it seems currently OpenMW just tests for Not Local NoLore variable existence, not also variable value like standard Morrowind engine so this should probably change soon IMO)
Anyway, all in all I think that OpenMW editor can already be a valuable tool to add to the standard Morrowind .esp/.esm modder arsenal so cheers to OpenMW crew.