Where are all birds going?

where are all birds going imageWhere are all birds going? An attempt to bind flawed Morrowind AI to bring life to most beautiful birds.

This plugin adds to Morrowind peaceful flying creatures based on the wonderful models & textures by Lady Eternity & Proudfoot (Dragon's Breech mod), Cait Sith, Thaedyn Vyr,Kacper Kuryllo & Kagz.


Version 1.19

- some tweaks to bee flight & scripted scaling 

- some tweaks to bat specular color

- some more fixes to firefly mesh

Version 1.18

- removed a redundant soundgen entry
- added a missing Death1 Text Key to seagull1.nif, seagull1.kf
(Cait's seagull animation was probably not meant to be killable)
without possible warnings and should also sound better
- replaced firefly with fixed version by junglebrad

Version 1.17

- fixed an empty soundgen entry
- decreased bats stats a little

Version 1.16
- added firefly and bee ingredient
- improved night spawning control variable:
set ab01dayonlybirds to 1 will disable nocturnal bats spawning,
set ab01dayonlybirds to 2 will disable all nocturnal creatures spawning
- improved barnacles icon
- improved bee texturing

Version 1.15
- added some missing icons/textures, optimized some textures