Morrowind scripting: on detecting player swimming

Posted 02 May 2010 - 10:44 PM

Xiran, on 02 May 2010 - 09:37 AM, said:
What I need now is a mod that includes interiors acting as exteriors, since I don't know if the same method works for them as well. Could someone tell me what mod to download?

MerFolks by Dale Stocker & Fernelf has some submerged interiors that you could use for testing.
It is not so easy to test for player underwater in interiors, as there is not a "GetInteriorBehavingAsExterior" like function, a possible detection method in interiors is testing for player swimming sounds. Here is a (untested) example script:

begin ab01underWaterCheckScript

; interior water check based on Zappara's temperature mod script
; player must be moving / not levitating to emit splash sounds

short goodWater
short pcUnderWater
float z1

if ( GetInterior )
	if ( GetWaterLevel < -5000000 )
; (*) interior with no water thanks to MCP water level fix
		set goodWater to 0
	elseif ( player->GetSoundPlaying "FootWaterRight" )
		set goodWater to 1
	elseif ( player->GetSoundPlaying "FootWaterLeft" )
		set goodWater to 1
		set goodWater to 0
	set goodWater to 1

if ( goodWater )
	set z1 to ( player->GetPos Z )
	set z1 to ( z1 - GetWaterLevel )
	if ( z1 < -64 )
; this is just an example, probably it would be better
; change -64 to something good for all races
		set pcUnderWater to 1
		set pcUnderWater to 0

float delay
if ( delay > 0 )
	set delay to ( delay - GetSecondsPassed )

if ( pcUnderWater )
	MessageBox "player under water detected"
	set delay to 4

Note: (*) updated to take advantage of Morrowind Code Patch revised GetWaterLevel function