Water Life

Water Life is an attempt to mix the scripting techniques developed in the "Where are all bird going?" plugin with the best aquatic creature modding resources to bring more life into Morrowind waters.
This plugin mainly adds to Morrowind (most) peaceful aquatic creatures based on the wonderful models & textures by Cait Sith, Lady Eternity & Proudfoot, Brash.

The main goals of the plugin are:

- make waters and shore feel more alive, especially deep sea diving in wilderness desert areas

- tolerable/dynamic fps hit

- no install/uninstall/reinstall quest/game consequences

- compatibility with all existing & future plugins, thanks to the dynamic, real time placement/deletion of all items and water areas recognition.

What makes this plugin really different is the way (with pros and cons) creatures are placed in the world and the effort to make them more "alive".
You can hate or love this way of placing creatures, but I think it's worth a try.

Updates/changes in version 1.21

- added new containers and ingredients using Vurt's sponge and coral meshes/textures
(you can get Vurt's corals MGE mod here

- fixed abotWaterLifeTRAddon scripts overriding Cecaelia placement

- added creatures also to standard h2o_all_lev-2 leveled creature list

- tweaked  meshes and scripts for improved stability  



download from Nexus