Recent mods and patches


Silt Striders 1.25

Smart Companions

Smart Activate

Smart Journal

Player Made Magic Rename

Who's Where

Guars v1.23

Smart Rings

TR Ugly Deprecated Red Cubes Fix

Loading Doors

Read Aloud


Magical Trinkets Of Tamriel 4 fix

Water Sound

NOM MC Integration

Revolving Doors Blocker

Gameplay tweaks



Missing pathgrids

Cell Conflicts

Smart Merchants

Hot Lava

tes3cmd and Enchanted-Editor updates for MWSE-LUAT compatibility

Animated Morrowind - merged

My tweaked mlox_base.txt + mlox_user.txt

Baan Binif - original RR compatible version

Andrano Tomb+Retribution

Smart Heads

Smart Intervention

Give or Take

Smart Helmet

Mod List

ab01Walled Ald-ruhn

Where are all birds going?

Water Life 1.27

Smart Map


Smart Ammo


Boats 1.24

Owned activators fix pack

Now Playing

Hot Quests

Combat Hour


MRS Morrowind Resources Scanner

Plain Paper Fix

Quick Char INFINITE (well, sort of) starting cells edition ;-)

Unique Toolkit

Key Hint Generator

TR less ugly heads

less blurry TR/Ind textures

Windows Glow 1.19

TR Water Sound

Arynx Castle for Tamriel Rebuilt

Larger Quest Collater

Solstheim Overhaul Pack Project

Morrowind Modding History Index

MMOG Morrowind Merged Objects Generator

Legend of Chemua Moved

Random100 in Menu Mode

TES3cmd GetItemCount strip tool

XE Depth Off Field


TESfaith Config Generator

More Traps

The Lost City by Atropos moved/NOMified

MGE-XE Grass for The Lost City moved

Melian's Teleport Leveled Marks Patch

tes3cmd lightsfix generator

tes3cmd reversed black lights generator


MWSE Containers NOM

Gold Weight

Hide Corpse

The Black Mill 1.2 moved

TES Construction Set.chm

NOM satchel replacer