Morrowind Code Patch options to disable

do you still have the save to test it? I think it is some incompatibility with "Exhaust NPCs with Damage Fatigue" Morrowind Code Patch option, it happens also with NOM and other mods changing player fatigue, so you could try disabling the MCP option and see if it solves the problem

Morrowind Code Patch is a must-have for obvious reasons, and greatly configurable as each option can be toggled on/off. Here are IMO the few patch options that are better disabled IF you have related conflicting options/mods (see * for reason).

  • (*) Exhaust NPCs with Damage Fatigue
    Normally, NPCs collapse with exhaustion when their fatigue goes below zero. This can normally be caused by drain fatigue spells or hand to hand combat, but damage fatigue spells could never reduce fatigue below zero. Now it can, and NPCs typically will remain on the floor until the damage fatigue spell expires. Ideal for the budding necromancer.

    (*) Not 100% confirmed but I suspect this may cause problems (player stuck on low fatigue collapsing) with other mods making player collapse decreasing player fatigue (e.g. NOM)
  • (*) Equip script fix
    Prevents the Equip script command from duplicating already equipped arrows, bolts, and thrown weapons.
    Prevents the Equip script command from changing weapons during an attacking animation, which can confuse AI attacks and glitch player attacks. During an attack, the command will just be ignored, the same way the game handles a player trying to change weapon during attack.

    (*) This seems to disable auto equipping of bound weapons
  • (*) Slowfall overhaul
    Fixes the framerate-dependence of slowfall and its complete prevention of falling damage. The falling speed of slowfall varied so much depending on your framerate, there was previously no choice but to avoid giving damage. Now, a 10pt spell only avoids damage for short drops, a 15pt spell will mitigate 80% of the damage of long drops and all of short falls, and a 20pt slowfall spell will prevent all damage. By comparison, the standard spell and enchantment is 30pts. The slowfall speed has been adjusted so you won't slow down greatly until at least 50pts of magnitude. Horizontal air resistance has been reduced to 5% of the original to allow characters to glide, but remember that air resistance still increases with high magnitude spells. This feature is optional despite fixing a framerate bug, as some people may be utilizing low magnitude slowfall spells as part of their playstyle. Using a 1pt slowfall to avoid falling damage is also common advice, which definitely no longer works.

    (*) This may have side effects on creature riding mods. Please try disabling this if you have trouble with your mount.
  • (*) Two-handed weapons removes shield
    Un-equips the shield when equipping any two-handed weapon. You no longer can benefit from the armor rating of the shield while both hands are occupied.

    (*) Could be incompatible with some mods using shield slot to display scenic items
  • (*) 'Talked to PC' extension
    Changes the 'Talked to PC' dialog flag to only be set when you say goodbye to an NPC. In vanilla Morrowind, the 'Talked to PC' dialog flag was set just after the greeting. This only allowed greetings to check this flag, and any topics selected afterwards would never see 'Talked to PC' equal to 0. Delaying this until you say goodbye allows alternative responses to topics, when interacting with an NPC for the first time. There are a few for the 'little advice' topic in the vanilla game.

    (*) This will cause dialogue problems with the very few mods that use multiple greetings to run scripts. e.g. Economy Adjuster - Merchant Skills. If you notice a greeting that loops forever, you should turn this option off.
  • (*) Convenient defaults
    On loading a game, sets the player movement to running instead of walking, and sets the map to display the world map instead of the local map.

    (*) If you dislike the "always display world map on reload" option, better disable this patch option and add instead
    Always Run=1 to the [General] section of Morrowind.ini
  • (*) Ownership tooltip
    Allows you to detect if items are owned by someone. When looking at an item, the tooltip window will display 'Owned' or 'Faction Owned'.

    (*) As many items that should be owned are not, it may be unbalancing to know what you can freely loot.
  • (*) RemoveItem weight fix
    The RemoveItem command would always reduce encumbrance by (specified quantity * object weight), no matter how many objects actually existed in the inventory. This could lead to encumbrance errors if a script did not set the quantity correctly. This fixes RemoveItem and Drop commands to reduce encumbrance correctly.

    (*) Incompatible with gold weight mods different from mine (requiring latest MWSE alpha)