Melian's Teleport Leveled Marks Patch
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Modified on: Monday, 06 March 2017
Added on: Friday, 05 June 2015
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Description: Limit allowed marks proportional to player level, mysticism, willpower.
Subscribed followers auto warp on cell name change/cellchange

mel_teleportPluginLeveledMarksPatch.esp is an addon for Melian's Teleport .esp and requires/must be loaded after it.
mel_teleportPlugin_1_3e.esp is a replacer for Melian's Teleport .esp so you can use it alone

You can configure allowed Mark slots progression from the game console setting a script float variable e.g.
set mel_tpp_MarkSlotsScale to 2
will double the available mark slots,
set mel_tpp_MarkSlotsScale to 0.5
will halve them,
set mel_tpp_MarkSlotsScale to 0 will remove the Mark limits

Also subscribed followers ("Do you want your companions to teleport with you automatically?" "Yes") now can automatically teleport on cell name/cell change, so they should get lost more rarely

set mel_tpp_Warp to 2 (default) = auto warp on cellname change and CellChanged
set mel_tpp_Warp to 1 = auto warp on cellname change
set mel_tpp_Warp to 0 = no auto warp

Melian's Teleport Mod
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