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Description: Alt
Version 1.05
MWSE required

Special actions key ( Alt by default, to change it use set ab01AltKey to value, where value should be a valid key code for the xKeyPressed MWSE command, set ab01debug to 22 to see pressed key code.

Note that the MWSE command used to show generic pressed key codes may return combinations of them so the debug 22 output is not always useful, better refer to online documentation if you want to change them from defaults (e.g.

Running backwards (S key) gets a speed penalty ( set ab01altNoBack to 1 to disable )
When facing a dead NPC/Creature:
alt key + sneak = hide corpse ( set ab01altNoCorpse to 1 to disable )

When facing a friendly NPC/Creature: ( set ab01altNoMove to 1 to disable )
alt key = move away ( set ab01altKey to desired virtual key code, 18 = VK_Menu = Alt key by default )
alt key + sneak (or with following actors) = take my place
shift = face and greet player ( set ab01altNoFace to 1 to disable, set ab01altFaceKey to desired virtual key code, 16 = VK_SHIFT = Shift key by default )
also using "- Take my place" dialog topic friendly NPCs should take your place when asked
with weapon drawn:
middle mouse button with shield drawn = block ( set ab01altNoBlock to 1 to disable )
middle mouse button with no shield drawn = parry ( set ab01altNoParry to 1 to disable )
to use something different from middle mouse button (virtualkeycode=4) , try
set ab01altBlockKey to somevirtualkeycode

jump + attack, no slowfall active = jumping attack ( set ab01altNoJumpAtt to 1 to disable )
sprinting + attack = running attack ( set ab01altNoSprintAtt to 1 to disable )

When running:
alt key = sprint ( disabling: set ab01altNoSprint to 1 to disable )

Sneaking standing still will recover a little more stamina

This mod is inspired by several different mods doing similar things, I just tried to amalgamate the features/key bindings I liked most.
As you can disable features you don't like/use, it should work also with other mods ( not tested much though ).

This mod includes some of abotMoveOrTakeMyPlace.esp, abotHideCorpse, MEN_Combat features, so don't use them together, or at least exclude the related options using the proper global variables
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