Gold Weight
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Modified on: Sunday, 05 June 2022
Added on: Sunday, 18 December 2016
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Description: requirements: latest MWSE-Lua 2.x by NullCascade or 0.x by Merzasphor
set ab01goldWeight to xxx
to change 1 gold piece weight
(default is 0.01 e.g. 1000 gold pieces = 10 weight units)
set it to 0.0 to disable

cheers to Merzasphor for increased MWSE spell power and to Greatness7 for showing me how to use it in MWSE containers mod
Note: I have a NOM-vendor compatible version of MWSE containers in my site, also it's probably going to have this weight mod merged inside, check it if you are using NOM and/or want to spare a mod slot
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