Fires Hurt, a Skyrim mod

My first mod for Skyrim, something simple and classic...
Standing over normal fires burn player, magic pillars restore player magic and damage health.

Necessities of Morrowind compatibility with landmass mods: the easy way

NOM (Necessities of Morrowind) by Taddeus is the de facto standard eat, drink and sleep needs mod for Morrowind.
Most players will desire to access NOM eat/drink resources when exploring landmass mods.

Morrowind modding for smarties, part 9: tes3cmd to the people...

I want to share some useful code showing tes3cmd power as modding tool to automatically randomize trees positioning...

Last updated ( Friday, 26 June 2020 )
TESTool: quick grouping/ordering mods how-to

It is true that other tools are able to reorder mods in an easy way, but I think old TESTool way to reordering is still fast and powerful when understood.

Morrowind modding for smarties, part 8: when masters change...

Something I realized recently working with mods depending on TR_Mainland.esm, but that should be valid as example for any updated .esm dependency...

Morrowind modding for smarties, part 7: creatures & sound bugs

I've seen this very annoying bug with creature sounds happening recently not only to me, bu also to great mod releases. So here are my two septims about how to test and avoid it...

Last updated ( Friday, 26 June 2020 )
Where are all birds going? update

Where are all birds going?

Version 1.16
- added firefly and bee ingredient
- improved night spawning control variable:
set ab01dayonlybirds to 1 will disable nocturnal bats spawning,
set ab01dayonlybirds to 2 will disable all nocturnal creatures spawning
- improved barnacles icon
- improved bee texturing

Thunder & Lightnings update

I have just updated the Thunder & Lightnings mod .
v 1.3
- only lightnings hitting something cast a damage spell

Gondoliers update to v1.7

Gondoliers mod updated to version 1.7

Tweaked XE Water.fx for MGE XE 0.9.8

A little update to my tweaked XE Water.fx for MGE XE 0.9.8

// to disable option, put // comment prefix in front of #
#define SEWER
#define FOAM

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