Water life update to v. 1.18

Morrowind Water Life shark eating fish imageUpdates/changes in Water life version 1.18
- added menu option to configure spawning of gondoliers (yes/No/not in Wilderness)
- updated NOM ingredient for ducks & geese
- fixed autoloot missing some sand coin
- fixed gondolier trips disabling previous player waterwalking
- recompressed some textures

Windows glow expansion

I'd like to share a mod replacing  ex_nord_win_01, ex_nord_win_02 with scripted dynamic glowing windows & lights, affecting mostly Seyda Neen, Pelagiad, Caldera, Dagon Fel.
Tower glowing window This mod can be used alone, but it works better as expansion to Windows Glow by Max a.k.a. ~NOBODY~, especially in Pelagiad and Caldera. Note: updated to version 1.1

Where are all birds going? update
Thursday, 16 September 2010

Where are all birds going? update!

Version 1.14

- slightly decreased probability of aggressive behavior
- fixed potentially crashing meshes

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