Fires Hurt, a Skyrim mod

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Fires Hurt
A Skyrim mod by abot

Standing over normal fires burn player, magic pillars restore player magic and damage health.

Configuration from game console:
set ab01fhOff to 0 (default) = magic pillar effect on, fires effect on
set ab01fhOff to 1 = magic pillar effect off
set ab01fhOff to 2 = magic pillar effect off, fires effect off

Tested working with Skyrim version 1.8, may work with some previous version but no guarantees.

Release history:

v 1.06
- added setting for (hopefully) updating compatible mods without clean disinstalling/reinstalling this mod:
 from the game console, type:
set ab01fhOff to 3
- added setting for 8x damage
 from the game console, type:
set ab01fhDamage to 1
(set ab01fhDamage to 0 to reset to standard small scenic damage)

v 1.05
- updated for compatibility with Frostfall 2

v 1.04
- fixed burning range of small cooking fires

v 1.03
- changed fire sound

v 1.02
- tweaked compatibility code with extra mods

v 1.01
- now working with fireplaces added by CampingKitNorthernRanger.esp, Chesko_Frostfall.esp, dynamic fires.esp
- better effect range of scaled fires
- increased quest priority

v 1.00
initial release

Unload abotFiresHurt.esp and remove Data\Scripts\ab01fhQuest.pex (and optionally Data\Scripts\Source\ab01fhQuest.psc).

set ab01fhOff to 10, 11, 12 for some debug info