Morrowind modding for smarties, part 12: generating merged_objects

Note: I'm keeping this article for historical reason, but now that we have tes3merge probably there is no more need to use testool for this, see this video for details.

I am assuming here you already know why it is useful to have a merged_objects.esp generated by TESTool,

Problem is, often TESTool crashes (probably due to a buffer overflow error) when computing a long mod list.

I'm on a holy crusade to keep using testool with my 300+ merged mod list, and MMOG is the result,

After version 2.0 try I had to make a step back to previous algorithm (because basically the new faster method had lots of problems, many thanks WH-Reaper for the heads up), and to make it more crash proof I increased the mod list partitioning steps from 5 to 9. So, it is terribly slow now but it seems to work well enough.