Where are all birds going? update

Where are all birds going? update!

Version 1.14

- slightly decreased probability of aggressive behavior
- fixed potentially crashing meshes

Water life update to v. 1.17

A small update introducing the long awaited Cecaelia by Arcimaestro Antares and a great improvement in stability thanks to the fixing of some corrupted meshes erroneously introduced in previous version.

Guars mod updated to version 1.16!

Morrowind Guars mod icon image Guars mod updated to version 1.16!
Featuring better compatibility with Morrowind Code patch 1.8 toggle sneak option, and various other improvements...

Water life: Cecaelia preview

A new small video preview of last addition to water life creatures,

Cecaelia by Arcimaestro Antares...
Coming soon!

Welcome to the new site!

I was thinking about updating the site with something more easy to edit, and last spamming attack to the old site at last made me do it for good.

Welcome to my new web playground!

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